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File Prep Guidelines

All files should be submitted on ZIP disk or CD ROM. Files sent to us on disk should be accompanied by a hard copy proof. Please provide the version number of the software that you are using. Files under 10 megabytes can be submitted via e-mail attachment to We also have an ftp site available for large files. Please give us a call to arrange ftp access.

To assist us in achieving the color balance that you are looking for in your image, please identify any Pantone (PMS) colors that are included in your files. When you save your digital files, many applications today will ask if you want to embed ICC or color profiling data with your images. If this option is available to you, please choose "YES". This will help in achieving the color that you want.

Macintosh and Windows:

Quark XPress 3.0 or greater layouts:
All bitmap images should be Photoshop RGB or CMYK 8-bit TIFF files at no less than 100 dpi and no more than 300 dpi at actual printed size. Images that will be viewed from more than 3 feet away are rarely more than 150 dpi at print size. Include all fonts and embedded image files. Convert all fonts to outlines in embedded Illustrator or Freehand EPS files.


Files should be in RGB or CMYK mode at no less than 100 dpi and no more than 300 dpi at actual printed size. Files can be saved as PS, EPS, JPG (use highest quality settings for jpeg), or TIFF (8-bit).

Illustrator or Freehand:

Be sure to convert all fonts to outlines and include embedded images on disk. Embedded images should be Photoshop RGB or CMYK TIFF (8-bit) files at no less than 100 dpi and no more than 300 dpi at actual printed size.

File setup and handling charges may apply to files that do not conform to our specifications. Specific color matches are subject to an additional fee.

Calculating Resolution at Print Size:

If you are unsure of how to calculate resolution at print size, let's say that you have created an 8.5x11 document in Illustrator at 300 dpi. If you were to double the document's size for printing (scale up to 17 x 22), the resolution at print size would be 150 dpi, which is adequate for banners, posters and most signage. If you were reproducing a detailed photograph or a piece of fine art, you might prefer to create a higher resolution image in the beginning (600 dpi) so that your larger printed piece provided more detail (300 dpi).

Not every image benefits from a higher starting resolution. It frequently can just create a larger file that takes longer to process and print, without providing any additional quality in the final print.

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